Monday, 19 November 2012

Young Writers' Month: Win a Free Reading by TLC

Critical Reading Service

Direct from Writing East Midlands:

We work in partnership with The Literary Consultancy (TLC) to provide writers with detailed, written reports of their work from experienced editors.

TLC’s Readers are editors and writers with in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry and are experts across a wide range of genres. Many are working novelists, teach Creative Writing on University courses, or have extensive experience of script reading. Writers can be confident that their work will be allocated to a reader who will best meet their needs.

To be eligible for this service you can write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, screenplays or theatre plays, however you must be on a low income. This could mean you are a full-time student or over 60 or on income support, or in receipt of Job Seekers’ Allowance or disability benefits. But if none of the above applies to you, we will also consider other financial factors – just tell us what they are.

We reserve the right to return work which would be unlikely at this stage to benefit from the Critical Reading Service. We will only put forward writers in the East Midlands.

Please note applicants can only apply once a year.


• Complete the application form available here and enclose a short sample of the work.
• Send two copies of the completed form, two copies of your proof of financial circumstances and your sample of work to Writing East Midlands at the address:
Aimee Wilkinson
Writing East Midlands
49 Stoney Street
The Lace Market
• Your sample of work should be no more than 300 lines of poetry or 3,000 words for short stories or a 1-2 page synopsis and up to 30 pages for a script, or a 1-2 page synopsis and up to 50 double-spaced pages for general fiction.
For poetry – clients must include a total word count for each poem at the bottom of each poem, and include total word count of all the poems added together on the cover letter. Poems should be formatted in their intended publication format.
For short stories – please include the total word count of each short story separately if necessary on the cover letter.
For all fiction and non-fiction extracts – please include a 1-2 page synopsis or basic outline of your ideas and a description of your intended audience/ market. Please also indicate what genre you are writing in.
All extracts should be consecutive and numbered. Ideally starting from page one, and not comprised of several extracts.
• Texts must be printed out in 12 point standard font, double spaced, on one side of A4, preferably in loose sheets, with each page numbered.
Please do not put your name on the manuscript.
• Always keep a copy of what you send. Writing East Midlands does not accept responsibility for documents lost in the post.
• The service is available throughout the year. Applicants may use the service once during any twelve month period.

Please note:

TLC can refuse any material which is deemed unlikely to benefit from the critical reading service or if a reader finds that a submission has been previously published or if we cannot find a suitable editor for your work. If your work is not accepted, it will be returned within 30 days if there is an SAE provided.
• We accept only single authored work.
• We accept only writing in English.
• The applicant should not be part of a creative writing programme or longer writing course.
• Applicants must be over 16 and live in the East Midlands.


The service is free.


For acknowledgement of receipt please enclose a stamped S.A.E. The report will be sent to you within 12 weeks from the deadline announced.

For any enquiries about the Critical Read Service, please email:

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