Sunday, 18 November 2012

Young Writers' Month: Marketing and Writers

Without audiences, we’d just be speaking to empty rooms. For what may seem like a niche performing art form, there is a surprisingly large audience for spoken word. At The Word House, the night I host in east London, we regularly sell out to crowds of over 100 people – we’ve had to move to a bigger venue to accommodate this as we were turning people away! At Apples and Snakes we recently had the final of Shake the Dust . . . We sold out the 900+ seater Queen Elizabeth Hall twice over, so there is definitely an audience for spoken word.

What excites me more, though, is the potential audience – when people come to a quality poetry night for the first time they tend to say something like “I didn’t know poetry could be like this!”. My aim as both a poet and a marketer of poetry is to keep increasing that audience to enable more people to witness poetry as a relevant, contemporary and important art form.
 Read more about audiences, marketing and poetry here.

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