Saturday, 3 November 2012

Authors, No More Reviewing Each Other!

Well according to this, authors are no longer allowed to review books on Amazon. Apparently it's a conflict of interest.

It seems absolutely ludicrous to me. Writers understand the writing process. They know what work goes into producing a book. So why shouldn't they be allowed to share their informed opinion?

True, many writers review their friends (or their enemies!), but so long as people can't review under pseudonyms it's all there in the open. Anyone guilty of nepotism or industrial sabotage (as it were) will have their words there for all to see.

Writers' friends write positive reviews for them all the time. There are plenty of non-writers with vested interests. It would, therefore, make more sense to just strip any anonymity from reviews.

But even then: all reviews are a kind of popularity contest. Popularity contests are subjective. Can't we just get over that, please, Amazon?

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