Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Great Feedback for Troglodyte Rose Preview

So eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I posted a self-contained preview of my forthcoming novel, Troglodyte Rose, at Wattpad. The book was chosen as a Wattpad Featured Story and it's scored over 45,000 reads so far.

But today I received a wonderful endorsement from user Libresprit:

Unique, cannot be narrowed to one literary genre, is everything and its opposite: at times crudely realistic, then turns into a psychedelic dream, a magnificent poem in prose, a fairy tale, science fiction that sometimes flashes in our minds like a vivid comic strip. I am eagerly waiting to discover what next!
I'm absolutely thrilled!

Stay tuned to hear more about the novel, which is a full-length book based on my Lambda Award-nominated limited-edition novella of the same name.

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