Thursday, 27 September 2012

Day and Night: Writing Routines

Matt Shoard writes in The Guardian (at 4am no less!) why he and many other writers prefer to work at night.

Margarita Tartakovsky also expresses her affinity with writing at night.

It has to be said, I used to do most of my writing (and reading) late at night. Mostly this has changed, as I now write whenever I can (and whenever I have to). I do lots of writing in workshops and group sessions. I do even more at my local haunt, Nexus Art Cafe, usually with a writing buddy. The trick for me, in order to keep myself writing regularly, is to build it into my routine. I actually love going to Nexus, ordering copious amounts of tea and thrashing out a 4,000-word short story. Residencies and commissions are also another way to keep me writing. After all, getting paid to do what you love best is always a great motivator.

Alas, I find it's often publishing that intervenes in my writing life. But I have to admit to kinda loving that too (despite the stresses and deadline-driven nature of that industry).

When do you write? What are your writing routines?

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