Saturday, 14 July 2012

Beauty on Row 5

Eat her skin, washed clean with red rose water,
now smooth as Black Soap; rub the ointment in:
Fair & White, Paris, to cure her heart of darkness.
A massage of Clairissime Cosmetique Body Clear
Complexion Lotion; Red Fox Tub o' Butter for burned limbs;
Clear 'N' Smooth Swiss Collagen Cream to fill the holes.
She grows from Dax Virgin Hair Fertilizer. Regard jaguar blue
irises between maroon wreaths, contact lenses—look, hope.

Kiss those parted, fruiting lips, honeyed with paraffin
Vaseline Blue Seal. Smell the Royal Bees Waxed hair.
Crushed flat with GHDs, like queen of the night tulips
between pages under a bed leg. See the curves, airbrushed
by Dr James' Stretch Mark Cream, Dr James' Slimming
Body Scrub and Dr James' Hip Up and Buttock Gel. She
is Provate Lady White, an oil painting on mahogany;
she is made of acrylic, cocoa butter and kerosene.

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