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To Market To Market | imove - Yorkshire's cultural programme for London 2012

Start: July 14, 2012
End: August 11, 2012
Cost: Free
Venue: Kirkgate Market
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28-34 Market Street, Leeds

A DLS Enterprises production,
commissioned by imove,
with funding by The Legacy Trust UK
and Arts Council England.
Featuring the writers of Young Inscribe
and supported by friends from
Leeds Young Authors
and Manchester's Young Identity

Leeds Kirkgate Market is alive with movement and trade. Real life stories are passed across the counter with a handful of change and a bag of potatoes.

From the buying and selling of goods to the exchange of commodities.
Photo of a To Market To Market writer at Leeds Kirkgate Markets
From people sharing news, information and brief moments of human kindness, to the swish of hips and the drum of feet as shoppers create a choreography of human traffic.

We’re in the market for human insights, no matter how small.

During July and August, four writers-in-residence from Yorkshire’s Young Inscribe, a programme for Black & Asian writers, are setting up shop in Leeds Kirkgate Market. Adam Lowe (26), Afshan Lodhi (20), Onyi Ekebuisi (22) and Zodwa Nyoni (24) are gathering and recording the stories behind the stalls and shoppers who, for the last 150 years, have established this historic building as the vibrant heart of our multicultural city.

Visitors to the market can stop by the stall between 11am and 5pm every Saturday between 14th July and 11th August, and have a chat and a biscuit with the writers.

The writers will invite members of the public to share their own stories with the rest of the world, by sending postcards from the market to friends and loved ones, wherever they may be; and by showcasing the best stories online. The writers will provide the free postcards (with stamps!) in exchange for a photograph and a message on their Wall of Stories. The four talented writers, with friends from writing troupes Leeds Young Authors and Manchester’s Young Identity, will also conduct interviews and will even write on-the-spot poems as gifts and birthday presents as a thank you for taking part.

‘Jubilympics’ – Promenade Performance: Saturday 11 August (Free)

The project culminates in a live promenade at 2pm on Saturday 11th August featuring performances by the project’s writers, a griots’ chorus from the balconies, and an imaginative tour of Kirkgate that treads different eras and cultures.

Audiences can meet popular characters from throughout the market’s history, such as Prince Alemayehu, the son of an Ethiopian Emperor who frequented the market in the late 1800s; and a certain famous Mr Marks, long before he met his friend Mr Spencer. Drink tea with the market’s infamous Spice Woman, walk back in time in someone else’s shoes, help a historian with his beauty regime, and light incense for all those who have come to the market and all those who have left.

The finale performance begins at the Vicar Lane entrance in the 1904 Hall at 2pm and lasts 45 minutes. Audiences should arrive five minutes before the show starts.

The fabulous To Market, to Market website is up and running – learn more about the project, meet the writers and share your own memories of Kirkgate Market.

To Market To Market | imove - Yorkshire's cultural programme for London 2012

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