Friday, 13 July 2012

Symphony and Chorus (Sound)

Beep beep. Infant chuckle. Clink of plates. Bananas—
three bags a pound. Hello hello. Right, yeah. Footstep beat.
Beep beep. Two for a pound—your strawberries. Ding dong.
Clink clink. Throaty plodding chatter beneath it all—
the march of an army. Beep beep. The shuffle of sneakers. Sweep.
Jewellery tinkle. Clink clink. Three bags of bananas for a pound.
Wrapping. Crackle of greaseproof paper. Hands smoothing over. Beep beep.
That underlying tide. That one there. Slam. Cutlery
scrape. Bang. Patter and putter. Clatter machine. Beep beep.

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