Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Judge Dredd: The Verdict

SFX has given its verdict on the new Judge Dredd film. And thank the gods: it sounds like this one's a goer!

SFX writes:
Clearly made with love by people who have read the comics and understand what makes Joe Dredd tick, it’s a focussed and thoroughly entertaining take on one of the most enduring characters in British comics. When the sheer relief of seeing a big-screen Dredd that does justice to the character had subsided, SFX wanted two things: to immediately see it again, and to see more stories from this version of Mega-city One and it’s legendary lawman as soon as possible.
Here's hoping we get more from the man who is the law in the near future! Meanwhile, you can keep up with SFX's reporting on Dredd here.

The film is out 7th September.

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