Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gerry Potter's Swan Song: The Men Pomes

Gerry Potter says "farewell" to Manchester's performance scene.

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With his dramatic opus on men, this will be the last ever opportunity to see Gerry Potter perform his 5 star smash hit show, The Men Pomes, or indeed any poetry performance.

This is Gerry's swan sang to the Manchester poetry and theatre scene.

Continuing Gerry's reputation for giving so generously to the poetry community of Manchester and beyond, Gerry will be donating all profits from this show to the Bang Said the Gun open mic night, supporting new and emerging artists taking their first steps onto the spoken word scene.

Read a review of Gerry's last tour of The Men Pomes here.

The sell-out success of 2011's Manchester Literature Festival at Contact Theatre lands happily and haphazardly in its spiritual home. In this full length one man show, Potter delves into all things male, exploring camaraderie of brothers, abandonment of fathers and the wit and wisdom of Scousers. From the drug induced surreal to the gutter-sparkle dirty real, The Men Pomes shivers with testosterone and tears. Comedy and tragedy fight naked in front of a roaring fire for domination. Sweaty, interlocked and involved, The Men Pomes unearths working-class men as you've never seen them before. The man who lived as Chloe Poems for fifteen years finally comes to terms with his masculinity and the men who buttered and battered it into shape. For men and women of all ages, stages and rages.

Gerry says: "In the Scotland Road area of Liverpool men didn't say poems they said 'pomes'. Women said poems. Scotland Road women have no problem with the word poem or poems. I think scouse men think the word poem or poems might make them sound as effeminate as a bohemian crafts teacher. So they butched it up, give it a more bedraggled bullied tone. I like them both. I like the rugged ragged industry of 'pomes' and the malleable creative history of poems. Pomes and poems. Somewhere in the middle of those two words is the gender of how and why I write. I remember one bloke saying 'Don't like that many pomes but that pome by Blake y'know the burnin' tiger one...thats fuckin' boss.'" The Men Pomes... because men don't say poems.

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