Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 24: John Palisano (Again)

John's submissions to Terror Scribes were so good, I had to use both of them! Here's a taster of the second and last story from John (and the last story in the book).

And from her blood came demons. Small puddles congealed and formed wax-like shapes. Alex saw little nubs stretch out, morphing into small arms and legs which moved on their own. At their tips, three prongs poked forward, wiggling and sensing the Earth’s air for the very first time. A reheated, rotten smell blossomed, reminding Alex of the stench fuming from the bums on Brooklyn Avenue.

Alex stepped closer. These things are what John had been after, he thought. These little monsters were what made up his Nancy and had driven him over the edge. She’d be free now, Alex knew. She’d also been unable to be saved; John knew that there was no repairing her. The demons had eaten far too much of Nancy for her to ever recover. There was only quiet inside her. There was only quiet.

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