Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Olympic Poetry

Southbank Centre’s Poetry Parnassus 
26 June - 1 July

Come and be part of history in the making as Southbank Centre hosts the UK’s largest gathering of the world’s poets. Meet inspirational authors from across the globe, including a few Peepal Tree poets and friends, as they give readings and masterclass workshops. Plus get involved with over 100 free events and activities. More info

The following friends and colleagues of Peepal Tree Press will also be present:

Christian Campbell - Bahamas
Mir Mahfuz Ali - Bangladesh
Esther Phillips - Barbados
Nii Ayikwei Parkes - Ghana
Maureen Roberts -Grenada
John Agard - Guyana
Kei Miller - Jamaica
Tishani Doshi - India
Mimi Khalvati - Iran
Jack Mapanje - Malawi
Saradha Soobrayen - Mauritius
Imtiaz Dharker - Pakistan
Abdullahi Botan Hassan ‘KURWEYNE’ - Somalia
Anthony Joseph - Trinidad & Tobago
Kayo Chingonyi - Zambia
and many, many more!

In other news (as some of you may know), Jacob Sam-La Rose and I are both involved in another Olympic project: 12 Poets for 2012. I have been selected as Yorkshire's regional Olympic poet by The National Lottery and Winning Words, and with eleven other poets from across the country created a poem for the Olympic Park.

Jacob Sam-La Rose facilitated the two-day writing retreat where the 'Team GB' poets together created our literary contribution to the Games, which is called 'Breathe'. The final work will be exhibited in the Olympic Park through the London 2012 festival and beyond.

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