Sunday, 15 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 8: Deb Hoag

Jauncey Hunter had his first fracture when he was four months old. When he was two, the old man ground a cigarette out on his arm.

People say that Child Protective Services are too quick to rush in. That they see an innocent bruise and concoct a whole imaginary history of abuse and neglect.

Not in Jauncey Hunter’s case. The welfare agency never came for him. His horror went on and on, in the dreary cabin that stank of fried onions and his old man’s boozy shit. Nobody rushed in to rescue him. The neighbors surely heard his thin high screams of pain, the old man’s curses and laughter.

But no one ever came to rescue him.

Because everyone was scared of the old man. They sat behind closed doors and thought, “as long as it’s not me.”

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