Friday, 13 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 6: Jeff Burk

An extra special treat on Friday 13th . . .

The men, drunk on boredom, blood lust, and bathtub wine, cheered on the two combatants in the center of the ship’s hangar.

Most planet-dwellers have heard of space badgers, but have never seen one in real life. They’re nasty little buggers. They have claws, sharp teeth and are completely fearless. They look very much like Earth’s honey-badger, but wear tanks of air on their backs. A hose connects each tank to a clear, glass, fish-bowl helmet covering the badger’s head. These pieces look like equipment, but they are actually part of the space badger’s body. The species evolved these appendages to survive in both the vacuum of space and in pressurized environments. Darwin never saw these little bitches coming.

Whereas sailors have to deal with rats stowing aboard ships—spacemen have to deal with space badgers. The feisty little creatures build nests inside of machinery and fuck up the workings of all sorts of internal systems if they’re not immediately dealt with. Nothing is more annoying than to suddenly lose main power for a day or two and be stuck dead in space just because you’ve got a family of space badgers getting all cozy in the reactors.

Therefore, most people who work in space have no patience or sympathy for the little fuckers. It’s considered standard practice to kill all space badgers on sight. Or if you don’t kill them right away, you catch them and keep them for space badger fights.

Like the one the maintenance crew was watching.

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