Thursday, 12 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 5: Rachel Kendall

We are members of something unique; a small collective, a thumb-sucking comfort. We are emotional refugees who fled the sanctimonious core of society, who seek to reconcile with the truest, most unconventional order.

We met on the internet, conferred electronically, planned telephonically and then gravitated to this one place, Pescara, Italy. A warehouse, hot with a vaguely meaty odour, plastic shards hanging like stalactites from a high ceiling.

The devil wears a sandy coloured suit. His flesh is tanned. The shades worn indoors and the sculpted beard betray his cool and his wealth. But there will be wealthier, more powerful demons above him. He is Tuvia. Tuvia is our guide.

There are twenty seven of us here. Some are people I have met before, some are new members. Some wear the expression of accismus, others’ eyes dart nervously. We are teachers, officials, artists, and nurses, in blue and white collars. We are unemployed, unemployable, homeless, ‘cured’, bullies, bullied, pugilists and pacifists. And we have one thing in common—a need for satiety. Some of us have points on our license, criminal records for indecency, drug habits. Others own firearms, fucked up lungs, multiple piercings. And for us, nothing is ever enough.

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