Sunday, 29 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 22: Selina Lock

Sophia started. It had been ages since her last enforced visit to the graveyard and she had forgotten all about the Hanged Man. She remembered Iris relating the tale to her when she was younger. It was the tale of a man who lived in the village a hundred years ago. He had a young daughter who disappeared, and everyone in the village thought he had killed her. They hounded and taunted him until he hanged himself from the apple tree above them, right where Grandma Iris was relating the story. His spirit was supposed to haunt the spot, not able to rest until his daughter had been found. He stopped the villagers from resting easy in their graves as retribution for their treatment of him.

She grinned at how silly she had been to believe in the story. Also at the way that on previous visits, she had run as fast as she could down the path, fearful that tree branches would snatch at her. That they would mistake her for the Hanged Man’s missing daughter and give her to him to keep.

Iris still seemed to believe something haunted the graveyard, but this was the twenty first century and Sophia knew it was superstitious nonsense. To prove it, she reached up and snapped a twig off the nearest branch. Nothing happened, of course. It was just an old apple tree, after all.

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