Monday, 9 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 2: Sue Phillips

The swollen belly heaved as her unborn child moved in its tiny prison and Diina felt nothing. Any hopes she might have entertained that she could communicate with the soul inside faded weeks ago. There did not seem to be any connection and her spirit body had remained slim, not mimicking the pregnancy. She tried to imagine Freddy as a father. Would he be gentle, loving? He had fought hard to have her at home, but paid her scant regard, except when he chose to amuse himself. All the care she received was from the agency nurses. And there was his cruelty. Even now he worried at her injuries like a dog with a rag doll. What kind of a life would the child have with that for a father? But—when he’d had a drink he sometimes bent over her and rested his hand on her belly, feeling the baby’s movements with that same strange look on his face he had when he looked at the key fob photograph.

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