Thursday, 26 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 19: David Price

If asked to describe this location, she would have said it was sleepy; and yet—sparsely populated as it was—a serial killer had been at large for years. How on earth had his crimes gone undetected for so long? More to the point, was he still alive and in the vicinity? Kelly couldn’t see herself getting a lot of sleep on that night.

“Who do you think this Douglas was?” she finally asked.

“Oh, some weird loner; who knows? He probably kept himself to himself. Or lived with his mother, they usually do.”

“And no one knew what he was doing?”

Alison just shrugged.

“This is a place that people pass through. Most of the victims were doing just that, Kell. They could have vanished anywhere; and if those remains hadn’t floated to the surface, those murders might never have been discovered. I suppose there is a chance he’s still alive. Mind you, I hope not.”

Kelly was thinking the same thing. If he was, and if he caught wind of the fact that two young girls were investigating the murders . . .

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