Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 18: Wendy Jane Muzlanova

It’s a stretching-for-ever walk-way, over the river. It’s a frighteningly narrow bridge, even to me, just a little girl. I look down. I should never look down. Mum tells me this. I look down and see all of the gaps in the fragile wood, underneath my feet. The river rushes below. It wants me. I can feel it. It wants me to jump. It wants me to fall through the rotting boards so that it can get me.

I look back towards the abattoir. I see metallic walls, the spill of dark blood, washing the floor and running down to the river. The stink wakes me. It lets me know. Something is not right.

So many times I cross this bridge in nightmares, the old boards falling away beneath my feet, my heart leaping upwards, the death plunge, the freezing, hugging water and the pounding, gasping awakening.

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