Monday, 23 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 16: John B. Ford & Steve Lines

I sat at the edge of the mist shrouded lake watching the slow fall of dusk. The grey ghosts of daylight faded steadily to shadow and, as I enjoyed the solitude, my mind turned to thoughts of dark infinity as I softly whispere. “Goodbye, Day.” Many were the evenings I had spent in this silent seclusion, with strange dreams and phantasies filling my head. It seemed to me that this time of twilight was created for me alone, (for I preferred the light of other suns to that of our own).

As the twilight deepened a fathomless darkness filled the void above, until, one by one, the stars appeared; each twinkling light taking up its own preordained place in the majestic heavens. Seated by the lake I saw the swirling whirlpool of crystal tears which was the Milky Way reflected in its cold, dark waters and it seemed to me as if I floated alone in a limitless expanse of shimmering stars and eternal darkness, and, as I meditated thus, I experienced a longing; a craving for ultimate knowledge and this thought I uttered:

“Forces of the infinite universe I challenge thee, enlighten me! Enrapture me with the gift of the knowledge of all. I seek understanding. I seek enlightenment. I seek truth!”

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