Sunday, 22 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 15: Paul Bradshaw

It was almost dark when the dead came knocking at the door. They always came at that time, although Glade was puzzled by it. After all, no-one could see them except him.

Glade opened the door hesitantly, and came face to face with two of them, a tall one and a short one, both male. He knew at once that they were the dead. An eerie coldness emanated from them. He felt it wafting his way like an icy invisible cloud.

‘What do you want?’ he asked them.

‘Are you him?’ asked the tall one. His eyes were so dark, and seemed to dig right into Glade’s like strange daggers.

‘Am I who?’ Glade replied, acting dumb.

‘You know,’ urged the tall man. ‘The one.’

‘I can’t help you,’ Glade said, and began to close the door.

The tall one placed his large foot in front of the door, preventing Glade from closing it.

‘We know you’re him,’ the short one said. ‘Mister Death.’

‘We want you to do it,’ the tall one said. ‘We’re desperate!’

‘Everyone is desperate,’ said Glade. ‘I can’t go around helping everyone.’

‘We don’t want you to help everyone,’ said the short one. ‘Just us. Please.’

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