Thursday, 19 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 12: Paul Kane

Sam watched in amazement as a hand reached out into the half-light. It was small and peculiar, it had lumps where it should be smooth—and nails that didn’t look like they were an extension of the hand at all, but rather individual things in their own right, perhaps glued on? The assistant continued with his coaxing, bringing the doll out to the front of the box, to the bars of the playpen. For the first time Sam could see it properly, crawling and shuffling towards him. It was completely bare, pink—but a dull pink compared to his own colouring—apart from patches of red here and there, at the lips and cheeks especially. Its hair was long and brown and flowed over its shoulders. It didn’t just hang there straight down, it seemed to have a life of its own; it was doing its own thing entirely. When it looked back at Sam it was with large, brown eyes; it blinked once or twice but there was no snapping sound. In fact there was no sound at all. He couldn’t take his eyes off this thing, and if it hadn’t shifted its own gaze from Sam back to the biscuit, they might have remained like that, locked in each other’s sight forever.

The doll snatched the biscuit and shoved it greedily into the wet hole in its face. “Dadda,” it said with its mouth full.

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