Sunday, 8 April 2012

Terror Scribes Teaser 1: John Palisano

I will run short extracts from each story in the anthology until its release at Alt.Fiction on 14th-15th April. Aren't I such a tease?

Farrah screamed. One of Red’s hands slashed her across her belly with one of the knives. A curved slit opened and she bled profusely and quickly.

Michelle wondered how they were pulling off the effect. She thought that maybe Farrah had worn a false stomach pre-loaded with blood. Michelle thought they were quite clever. They could make it look like it was all one continuous take, and by using a handheld camera, they could tie into the whole reality TV phenomenon.

Red split in half horizontally. His eyes opened at the sides of his head: Even those seemed super realistic. It reminded Michelle of when she once swam with dolphins . . . she could see the intelligence in their eyes, just as she saw the intelligence in Red’s. It was some magical trick.

Then Red opened his mouth, which seemed to take up the entire middle of his body. He had rows and rows of shining metal, shark-tooth-like teeth. Something else struck Michelle as funny: The smell. The air around them filled with the most rotten stench, like a hundred dead teeth, mixed with vinegar and spoiled meat. It came from Red.

She wracked her brain. Maybe they’d made him with animal parts to make him more realistic? No. She knew that wasn’t it.

Red advanced toward Farrah and opened his mouth. The bottom jaw unhinged and fell to the floor. Knife-shaped teeth scraped along the dirt floor until they were just under her feet. She whimpered and screamed. “This can’t be happening,” she said. “No. Please. No.”

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