Thursday, 5 April 2012

Terror Scribes - Table of Contents

So some of you may have noticed I've been frantically working away on a not-so-secret project.

That project is the Terror Scribes anthology, which will be previewed at Alt.Fiction next weekend, alongside copies of Polluto 9 3/4 - Witchfinders vs the Evil Red.

The Terror Scribes community is a ragtag band of veteran and newbie horror, dark fantasy, black humour and gothic poetry. Since I volunteered to do the admin for the group online (deleting spam, accepting requests to join the group, etc), we've successfully had a bit of a renaissance. I announced the Terror Scribes anthology in a fit of excitement, and then the resurrection of Terror Tales magazine was announced by its former publisher. In a sudden flurry of activity, I worked with my editorial companion Chris Kelso (who's also my agent, and who also has two brand new books coming out from Dog Horn Publishing this year) to finish the book in just over a week. Well, it worked, and now we have the pleasure of unveiling the table of contents:

‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by John Palisano (p.11)
‘The Third Possibility’ by Sue Phillips (p.25)
‘At the Water’s Edge’ by Sharon Kae Reamer & Robert D. Rowntree (p.36)
‘Angel Tracks’ by Richard Farren Baber (p.50)
‘51 Weeks’ by Rachel Kendall (p.56)
‘Adrift with Space Badgers’ by Jeff Burk (p.63)
‘Sleep Deeply’ by Mark West (p.75)
‘Scarred’ by Deb Hoag (p.81)
‘Hairy Palms’ by A.J. Kirby (p.100)
‘Gallery Green’ by Jan Edwards (p.113)
‘Play Time’ by Marie O’Regan (p.122)
‘Life-like’ by Paul Kane (p.133)
‘Transmogrify’ by Richard Thomas (p.145)
‘Nine Tenths’ by Jay Eales (p.155)
‘Mister Death’ by Paul Bradshaw (p.165)
‘A Vision of Carcosa’ by John B. Ford & Steve Lines (p.177)
A selection of flash fiction by Christy Leight Stewart (p.186)
‘But She Looked Above and Nothing was There’ by Wendy Jane Muzlanova (p.190)
‘Cry Baby Creek’ by David Price (p.197)
‘Bastardising Metaphors in Banchory’ by Chris Kelso (p.211)
‘Bait’ by Derek M. Fox (p.218)
‘Light Fingers’ by Selina Lock (p.224)
‘The Glass Chamber’ by Adam Lowe (p.236)
‘To the Stars that Fooled You’ by John Palisano (p.239)

Buy from or email, quoting 'TERROR SCRIBES TEASER' for an exclusive 33% discount direct from the publisher.

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