Saturday, 28 April 2012

Terror Scribes 21: Derek M. Fox

If you wanna know what came out the river in July ‘99 read on . . .

Locals, what few remain, never stop talking about it, not even after they’ve upped and gone I daresay. If ever you’re out this way I guarantee you won’t stop talking about Cal Winters either.

I’m Nate, and I got this notion to write it down afore somethin’ happens. O’ course all you writers out there ‘preciate how easy it is to jot down notes when you know a local; sort of pull on the atmosphere, ensure places are described, add a few finer points.

Fact is details lessen over time, but I’ll do m’best.

See, there I was fishin’, my line bobbed once, in fact several times, the rod bent nearly double, so far over in fact that whatever had grabbed t’other end—nigh on pulled me in.

Snagged on a drowned branch I guessed.

Aw hell, I’m ahead o’ myself. Tell you what, let’s slip back to the Fall of ‘98.

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