Saturday, 7 April 2012

An Introduction to Terror Scribes, Part Two

from Chris Kelso (my co-editor on the project)

There are many imitations of horror—some are as subtle as a smudge of mustard on a Jackson Pollock painting, others tear through your entire system like a derailed coal cart—but no one permutation is more effective than the other.

Compiling Terror Scribes provided me with the unique opportunity to offer a home to some of the best horror exponents from around Europe and North America. Along with my mercurial editorial confederate, Adam Lowe, we were faced with the unenviable task of whittling submissions down to a select few, on the kind of tight deadline that Adam seems to relish but that anyone else thinks is lunacy.

I think the results have cumulated into a satisfying collection, furnished with nebulous, original tales guaranteed to set your teeth on edge and give you bouts of gooseflesh. From the home-grown talent of Sue Phillips to prolific US gore-hound Deb Hoag, from the satirists to the psychopaths to the traditionalists, everyone is well represented. We received some excellent stories from long-time Terror Scribes members, alongside some dazzling contributions from the newer members—and let’s not forget our downright peculiar compatriots from across the pond, who were invited to bring just a little bit of bizarro anarchy to the order!

We are not oblivious to the fear Terror Scribes will evoke. Quite the contrary, we’re advocates of it . . .

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