Friday, 9 March 2012

Nicola Griffith at SFWA: Art Helps Us Understand

Fellow Leeds-born spec fic writer Nicola Griffith offers some excellent thoughts on why art (and writing in particular) is popular and important to society, over at the SFWA website.

In her words:
Art--more particularly, literature--exists not only to entertain or to soothe, but to help us understand ourselves, our world, and our place in it.
Read the article for an interesting discussion of the purpose of writing. What are your thoughts? Why do we read? Why do we engage in writing? What does literature offer us by way of enriching the human experience?


  1. Art is popular over at the SFWA website? Who would've thought?

    1. Anonymous, have you read the post? It's not about why art is popular at the SFWA website. It's a post about why art is popular, which happens to be online at the SFWA website.

      Sorry for the confusion, but I thought I should point this out.