Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Great French Book Robbery

Have you had or will you have a book published in France? Well if so, here's some scary news regarding a massive landgrab on authors' copyright, spearheaded by publishers and the government.

The rules aren't at all clear for overseas authors whose books might be available in France. But there's a scary clause that those with books published prior to 2001 have to opt-out of the state-endorsed programme, which sees digital rights for works handed over to a consortium of publishers. Those who don't, or who miss the six-month window period to withdraw consent, may have their worked enrolled into the programme for a decade.

The French Free Software movement calls it 'legalised piracy' and the Authors Rights blog tries to make some sense of it here. Take a look at the details and, if possible, contact a lawyer or agent to see if you need to take action to prevent your work being downloaded without your consent.

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