Monday, 12 March 2012

Caribbean Author Nominated for The People's Book Prize

You can now vote for Dog-Heart by Diana McCaulay in The People's Book Prize. Big up for Caribbean writers! I hope Diana wins, because she deserves it. It's a genuinely moving account of class, race and love in Jamaica.

Dog-Heart is a novel about the well-meaning attempt of a middle-class single mother to transform the life of a boy from the ghetto who she meets on the street. Set in present-day, urban Jamaica, Dog-Heart tells the story from two alternating points of view – those of the woman and the boy. They speak in the two languages of Jamaica that sometimes overlap, sometimes display their different origins and world views. Whilst engaging the reader in a tense and absorbing narrative, the novel deals seriously with issues of race and class, the complexity of relationships between people of very different backgrounds, and the difficulties faced by individuals seeking to bring about social change by their own actions.

There's more information about the book at the publisher's website here.

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