Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Manuscript Assessment Now Available

It's time I updated my Services page on here.

I am now offering individual manuscript assessments, which will be handled either directly by me, one of my colleagues at Dog Horn Publishing or one of a pool of freelance editors and experts. I can discuss which assessor might be best for your work in the circumstances and provide CVs on request.

The genres the assessors cover between us include fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, literary, YA, experimental), poetry, scripts (radio, stage, screen and comics or graphic novels), and non-fiction (including reference and academic).

What is a manuscript assessment?

A manuscript assessment is different to editing work. In brief, it is an overview of a manuscript's strengths and weakenesses by a professional within the industry. Our assessors include editors, publishers, agents, scriptwriters and traditionally published authors. Some of them are Dog Horn Publishing staff, while others are colleagues in the industry who work on a freelance basis (if you would like to be added to our pool of assessors, please email me).

The overview will be tailored to your needs, as agreed in an initial consultation, and will consider overall structure, characterisation, dialogue and pacing. We also consider whether the manuscript is of a publishable standard, which markets might be most receptive to your manuscript, and any marketing concerns.

We will only offer an assessment if we feel it is appropriate. If we do not feel it is appropriate, we will refer you elsewhere or suggest other options, but you will not be charged. We will only offer assessments on manuscripts that are finished or show some likelihood of being finished, and where we feel our assessment will help.

Prose Prices (vat inc.)
Up to 50 double-spaced pages (opening extract) £150
Up to 100 double-spaced pages (opening extract) £250
Full manuscripts of 101-205 double-spaced pages £350
Manuscripts longer than 205 pages @ £1.75 per double-spaced page for the first 300 pages and £1.20 per page thereafter. £1.75/page+

Short Stories Prices (vat inc.)
Up to 3000 words £50
Each additional 2000 words (over 3000) £20
Please note: Stories are charged individually

Poetry Prices (vat inc.)
Up to 300 lines £50
Each additional 100 lines (over 300 lines) £20

Please email me in the first instance.

For full editing services and/or mentoring, please query.

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