Friday, 20 January 2012

PS Roadshow Coming to a Waterstones Near You?

From Pete Crowther himself:

The latest incarnation of the PS Roadshow (our answer to Ken Kesey’s psychedelic bus of Merry Pranksters) is currently being organized to touch down early next year on the English north west coast:
  • Friday 27 January (6 to 8 pm) at Waterstones in Liverpool
  • Saturday 28 January (6 to 8 pm) at Waterstones in Lancaster
The expected itinerary will most likely be thus:
  • 6pm Introduction
  • 6.05pm Paul Kane introduction and reading
  • 6.30pm Pete Crowther introduction and reading
  • 6.55pm Ramsey Campbell introduction and reading
  • 7.20pm Discussion panel and Q&A
  • 7.40pm Signing session
Be there or be square.

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