Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Acceptances!

Spending as much time as I do publishing, editing and workshopping, it means I often spend a lot more time on other people's writing than my own. About four times a year, I think, 'Why've I not had more stuff published this year?' Then I remember that I've not actually been submitting. I do contribute quite a bit to magazines and newspapers, but it's all non-fiction and journalism. My creative side yearns instead for poetry and prose publications.

But at the end of last year I did manage to finally send some submissions out (to Cake and Cadaverine Magazine). Thankfully, both magazines have now been in touch, and will be publishing a selection of my poems. I actually set myself a challenge of sending something risky to Cadaverine, after a chat with their editor about how 'safe' modern poetry can be. Luckily my gambit paid off. Hurrah!

I will post more information (and links) as and when it becomes available.

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