Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Am I Out of My Mind?

I've just been thinking about what it is I do from day-to-day, week-on-week.

I work two days a week at Peepal Tree Press, doing their marketing and promotion.

Depending on how much stamina I have, and how much work I have to do, I typically spend the remaining three to five days a week doing Dog Horn Publishing-related activities. But this is a wide umbrella term.

For example, at the moment, I'm lead poet at the Speak Up Festival at the Grammar School at Leeds. That might take up a day a week for a while. Then I have to edit people's books (although I do get a bit of help from Lexi, Vicky, Chris, Deb and Tom), typeset them, design the covers, update the bibliographic data, submit the advance information sheets, process the orders, do the accounts, update the website (with help and the majority of design done by Miki) and pay the bills.

In the meantime I do my own writing, which includes poetry and prose, and occasionally take on other projects to further my own writing career.

All in all, I'm doing this and trying to have a life. Sometimes it leaves me bloody knackered.

But I do love it. And I guess that's the deciding factor.


  1. I know how you feel. I'm currently working two days a week at a publishing house, trying to run Inkspill Magazine, doing a course on teaching skills, and trying to do some writing in the gaps of time in between. What is this 'having a life' you speak of?

  2. LOL this is what I am beginning to wonder, Sophie!

    Do you have a link to Inkspill?