Sunday, 2 October 2011

Eric Hoffer Award News

Best New Writing 2012 is moving into production, and in a few weeks the contributor's copies will be sent out. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy!

The results of the Eric Hoffer Award are avaible to view at and the cover on The table of contents is listed below. I'm very excited. It will be a fine issue.

Grand Prize Winner
'Peep Show' by Louise Beech

Editor’s Choice Awards
'West Bank Afternoon' by Randy Rosenthal
'Solastagia' by Noelle Adams
'The Last House at the End of the Street' by Erin Khar

Short List Finalists
'For the Love of Ciderpunk' by Avery Oslo
'Stars' by Mercedes M. Yardley

'Taking Vicky' by Leon West
'Reunion' by Eric M. Witchey
'Some Mother’s Son' by Colin Asher
'The Last Orphan in Cincinnati' by Lee Patton
'Saturday' by Steven Mayoff
'Save Me' by Teresa Burns Gunther
'Pomegranate' by Adam Lowe
'China Cabinet' by Rachana Rahman
'The Whipping Boy' by Richard Gibney

Incidentally, I gave my old friends Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon a sneak-peak of the story a few months back, and they produced this. How cool is that?

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