Saturday, 8 October 2011

Address to the Congregation

[NOTE: This is another Zion commissioned piece.]

Raise your drinks, blow your whistle, and brandish your UV glowsticks in celebration! Here we are, in the heart of Hulme, ready to make some shapes. This is the weekend and the night is ours. Let's get ready to party.

Our hardcore, art of the Ha├žienda,
acid be thy name. Thy disco come,
thy pill be done, at home as it is in Sanky's.
Give us this rave, our daily sweat,
and give us our guest passes, as we
forgive those who've queue-jumped before us.
Lead us not into Trance Nation, and bring
us euphoria, for thine is the dancefloor,
the bass and Morning Glory, forever
and ever—gay men! In the name of the
big fish, the little fish, and the cardboard box.

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