Thursday, 29 September 2011

Friend Roulette

[Part of the Thrasher/Royal Exchange attachment scheme]

A dark stage. Two young men at their laptops. A fantasy beginsimagination the language, desire the destination.

Moderator: Welcome to FriendRoulette. Log in or register? 
A: Log in.
Mod: Would you like FriendRoulette to remember these log in details?
A: Yes.
Mod: You are home. You have ONE new message. You have had 23 profile hits this week.
A: Messages.
B: Hey, what's your pleasure?
A: My pleasure?
B: What you looking for? What's your poison, dude?
A: Looking for chat, fun, mates. Etc.
B: Okay.
A: You?
B: Etc.

I unfold you. I speak into the blank, open book of you. Breathe words across your pages. You are starting to take shape: listing lines of black. Forming a story. I reach out. I poke you.

This is my space. Take a look at me.

Come inside, I say. Come inside me. 

Thrasher Attachment Scheme
Local writers Adam Lowe and Joanne Sherryden were invited by writer Conor McKee to write their own ten minute plays in response to a rehearsal of his new play Thrasher. These were workshopped by McKee and director Wyllie Longmore, along with directors on attachment Ekua Bayuna and Mairi MacFarlane.

The plays were workshopped by the group, using the company’s method of actor-driven script enquiry. The results will be shared with the public on Saturday 1st October at 6pm in The Studio, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

The sharing will be accompanied by a Q&A with cast, writers, directors plus Wyllie and Conor. A chance for theatregoers and professionals to get an understanding of how the company's process works and how they can use it for themselves.

Showcase @ 6pm, followed by Q&A
Thrasher starts at 7.30pm
Venue: The Studio, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
Price: £3.50 (showcase) / £7 (BOTH Thrasher + showcase)
Tickets: Royal Exchange website / 0161 833 9833  

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