Friday, 12 August 2011

How Soon is Now?

How Soon is Now? was a devised performance piece created with Amy Lame and Scottee.

As part of the tour for her work-in-progress show, Amy Lame's Unhappy Birthday, writer/performer/DJ/modern wonderwoman Amy and her director/performance artist friend Scottee are conducting outreach workshops with young writers and performers to develop the How Soon is Now? shows.

The night came together as a cabaret of sorts, with Afreena Islam giving a striptease out of her burkha and into her normal clothes (jeans and a T-shirt), while Bekke Platt did a reverse striptease from her underwear into the burkha. Meanwhile Philip Brankin was a Jewish tiger, I was a dragged-up 'Tabloid Wino', and Amy Lame interviewed us in ridiculously postmodern fashion.

The night was fun, emotional and powerful, and I genuinely think the audience was moved. A number of people came up to me afterwards and thanked or congratulated me for my Amy Winehouse poem

How Soon is Now? and Amy's interactive scratch performance afterwards have both opened my eyes to new possibilities with performance. I was out of my comfort zone (as was the audience) and I loved it.

You'll be seeing more of this kind of work from me. Just you wait and see.

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