Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Five Original Ways to Make Money from Your Creativity

It sucks being poor. Especially during a recession. But as creatives, we often find ourselves poorer than almost everybody else—even though we're meant to be the ideas guys. So it's time to scratch that noggin and see just how easy it is to make money and use your talents as a creative individual.
  • Bus-stop performance art. You can set yourself up as a roving mini-theatre and regale innocent commuters with monologues about the painful banalities of wage-slavery. Keep a hat to catch those pennies, yeah?
  • Poetry prostitution. Get yourself a furry purple hat, a cane and some poetry bitches of whichever gender you prefer. Set yourselves up in some squalid, pokey little flat on a council estate and hire your poets out for closed-door one-to-one sessions with hungry punters. Going the whole hog (say, a nice, hands-on workshop) can be £20 and you can give a bit of oral (quick and dirty readings) for £10. A quick hand job (custom poetry dashed of as the clock ticks) can be £5. For the more . . . unique customers, you can satisfy their particular tastes with something more bespoke (multiple partners in a steamy poetry slam, poems that—shock horror—don't even rhyme!).
  • Posh busking. Have you ever seen an opera singer busking outside Harvey Nick's? Well you soon will do, baby! Imagine middle class white girls in huge ballgowns, singing librettos with a full band behind her, sipping tea from a Hendrick's gin tea cup. Perhaps a sign that reads 'suggested minimum donation: £5' will help part the up-market shoppers from their money.
  • Banksy-style interior design. Painting walls and buildings has worked for graffiti artists and those wishing to leave interesting memorials all over the world, from Britain to Brazil. But why not turn things on their heads and do the spray-painting inside, instead? Sod Changing Rooms—do it the guerilla way!
  • Rush-hour tube cinema. Take your laptop, your short films and a bunch of your mates. Partition of part of a tube carriage with blankets, newspaper or whatever you can get your hands on, and set up a mobile rush-hour cinema. Ask for £1 for each person who comes to see your films, and then you can flog copies of the DVD afterwards for £2. A bargain, right? You just might have to watch out for commuter rage.
And there you have it. Five simple ways to earn some cash by being creative. Note that we're not endorsing, promoting or encouraging . . . we're just suggesting you might like to think outside the box.

Why don't you come up with some of your own ideas and share them with us here?

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