Friday, 17 June 2011

With Thanks to Jill Scott

Jill Scott

As I listen to Jill Scott,
careless of the clock in my kitchen,
I dream you into my arms.

You are warm
and snug as foetal.
Enveloped tightly,
so I can feel your breathing.

As I listen to Jill Scott
I am elated,
as time slows to
an elliptical rosary of full stops.

And although you're not here,
and indeed never were,
she leads me to believe
maybe you can be
or even
that it doesn't matter;
that as long as I hold these feelings,
I stay real.

As I listen to Jill Scott,
remembering the whisper
of your hair
against my ear
as you pull me near in embrace,
I know, without a doubt,
that this is love.

originally published as July 2009 Poem of the Month at James Nash's website.

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