Monday, 7 February 2011

Creative Motivation

Orna Ross blogged recently about the difference between 'payoff motivators' and the internal motivations of creative individuals. Payoff motivators would be the impetus of bankers chasing big bonuses. The motivations of a creative person, however, might be in whatever interests them, in the creative stimulus they get from completing their work. One is goal oriented, and results in processes that focus entirely on completion of a given task or reaching a fixed point, with very clear outcomes. Once that point is finished, that project is put on the shelf and a new goal is sought. Creative individuals, however, might pursue things in a more conceptual fashion, or for the enjoyment of the pursuit itself.

Perhaps, as Orna suggests, moving away from payouts and bonuses, and towards a system of recognising individual talent and skill, and the needs of the individual, should be the focus not just of the creative industries--but of our society as a whole.

What motivates you? Reaching the finish line for a specific reward? Or the rewards of the pursuit itself?


  1. For me, it is the pursuit itself. I'm always happiest when I am writing and living within the world of my creative endeavors.

  2. Janrae, I agree. I feel most enthusiastic (and get most excited) when I am creating my own worlds, telling my own stories, and living a life with the characters I have imagined.