Friday, 3 December 2010

Review: Vampire World 3: Blood Wars by Brian Lumley

Brian Lumley is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. He is unashamedly a 'blokey' writer. His vampire novels are littered with gore, violence, revenge and war. In fact, his background in the military often shines through. The delight with which he details the tactics and manoeuvres of his characters as they engage in bloody battle is part of the allure of his books, and in Bloodwars it naturally reaches a powerful climax.

Lumley is unafraid to retcon, to be shamelessly 'genre', to mix and match everything from spies to vampires to werewolves to other world settings. And he does it with such aplomb and relish, it's difficult not to admire him.

No, this isn't high art; these vampires are the perfect antithesis to the necrophiliac teenage angst of Twilight and the homoeroticism of Anne Rice. But this is good fiction, enjoyable fiction, and despite its length you'll get through this in no time at all.

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