Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Writing War

Electric Literature's blog, The Outlet, has interesting post on writing war. I thought it quite appropriate, since Wes Brown's new book Shark, about a Second Gulf War veteran who returns to the UK, has kind of exceeded all our expectations at Dog Horn Publishing and we're struggling to keep up with orders. It's also interesting because here in the UK the Government is paying several million pounds in compensation to alleged torture victims of Guantanamo Bay. Nothing says culpability more than a payout (just ask Michael Jackson. Oh wait . . .)

War is one of those 'big things' writers love to write about. From the Great War poets to Matt Gallagher, it's a topic we can't get over.

Have you ever written about war? Have you read any interesting writing on the war, from journalism to poetry, that you think really stands out?

I'm curious to see what people think of war writing in general.

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