Monday, 15 November 2010

Why Are Creatives So Bad at Time?

So I got to the bottom of the university fiasco. It seems the course tutor had put me in her diary for this Friday, whilst telling me it was last Friday. She has only just checked her emails and wasn't aware. I myself am terrible with dates, although I do put everything in my diary, so it's a more a case of 'Oh, something else has cropped up at the same time . . . ' rather than simply getting the dates wrong in the first place.

I'm getting my expenses refunded, so it's not all bad.

The one thing it's taught me is to not give freebies again. It's true that people value something more if they have to pay for it. I'm sure if there'd been a bill attached to my visit, there wouldn't have been any chance of giving me the wrong dates. People tend to check and double check when it comes to spending money.

C'est la vie, though, right?

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