Thursday, 18 November 2010

Deep Blue Skin

I'm currently working on a short play as part of West Yorkshire Playhouse's young writers' programme. There will be a professional production of the play on 7th March at 5pm. The programme is being sponsored by BBC Writersroom and the other four writers are Maisie Barker, Jo Brandon, Grace Cunnington and Zodwa Nyoni. The plays will be a response to The Deep Blue Sea by Terence Rattigan. Mine is called 'Deep Blue Skin', and is about a man who revives a suicide victim, a process which turns her skin blue, and as a result he begins to think she might be a goddess. I guess I have a thing for Hindu mythology and death.

I wonder what Elaine Borthwick would think? She's already theorised that my obsessions with reproduction and the chthonic are perhaps symptomatic of a Freudian battle with my mum over her fertility. A behavouralist might just say it's learned behaviour stemming from the initial shock stories like 'A Labyrinth of Entrails' caused. I'm not sure either way.

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