Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cheltenham Poetry Reading

I've spent approximately seven hours on trains today--but like most poets, I like trains.

It was the NAWE autumn conference at the Cheltenham Park Hotel, where I read six short poems at their AGM. The rather dry AGM, which ended with Wes Brown's exciting unveiling of The Hub, was spiced up with a bit of poetry from young writers based in Yorkshire.

It went down very well. I read 'Snow White in the Graveyard', 'The Empress' Wasp Maker', 'Mary', 'Fruit', 'Late Night Shopping' and 'Ambergris'. 'Late Night Shopping', in which the narrator goes cruising in the frozen food aisle of a supermarket at 3am, got the most responses after the event. 'Ambergris' was perhaps my favourite, and my most recently completed, since I spent about three hours editing it last night.

The train ride at least allowed me to finish reading Moxyland by Lauren Beukes. Let's just say I was very disappointed by the ending, but I'll leave the details to my review next month.

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