Friday, 6 August 2010

Logical Problems with Inception

I’ve broken this up into bullets to make this easier for people to follow (it’s a bit complex):

1. Dying in the dream when sedated takes you to limbo (unconstructed dream space/‘the shore of our subconscious’)
2. Ariadne and Fischer jump (Fischer is pushed) off the skyscraper at the same time as their kick in the dream above, and therefore wake up
3. That means either: 1) killing yourself in limbo, or 2) getting a kick in the dream above limbo, or 3) killing yourself at the same time as a kick in the dream above, is enough to get out of limbo
4. Getting a kick in the dream above limbo cannot be enough to get out of limbo, otherwise Cobb would have left limbo at the same time as Ariadne
5. That means either 1) or 3) must get you out of limbo
6. But Cobb and Sito, at the end, receive no kick in the dream above limbo at that time
7. So 3) is not a way to get out of limbo
8. So 1) is the only way to get out of limbo
9. Everyone was scared of being stuck in limbo
10. Why be scared of entering limbo if 1) is enough to get out?
11. Everyone was scared of losing their grasp of reality in limbo
12. This did not appear to happen immediately when Cobb and Ariadne entered limbo
13. So losing your grasp on reality must be gradual
14. So why not kill yourself straight away before this happens?
15. But killing yourself in higher dream levels puts you in limbo
16. So why does it get you out of limbo once you’re there?

There may be a solution to this. Consider:

1. Limbo is the shore of the subconscious
2. Killing yourself in limbo pushes you into your subconscious
3. So the dreamer is no longer lucid
4. So the dreamer no longer experiences limbo
5. So the dreamer wakes up remembering nothing
6. So this is a ‘cheat’ to bypass spending 50 years+ in the limbo dream state
7. But why not just kill yourself as soon as you enter limbo?

This just removes half the drama from the film and is just plain irritating.

If the above is not true, then:

1. Either a kick should have drawn Cobb out of limbo
2. OR there is no way to ever leave limbo except naturally (i.e., by waiting it out and waking up)
3. But then Ariadne and Fischer should also have stayed in limbo.

Has no one else noticed this?

Although Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s arse is hot in those trousers, so all is forgiven.

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  1. You're totally right. I'm having the exact same problems with the logic of the movie.