Thursday, 25 February 2010

Idiots in Lincoln Fail to Get the Story Straight

Check out this story here. Now look at the comments.

That's right. A bunch of neo-cons are all over the piece because money is apparently being 'diverted' from frontline fire services to promote gays. Bollocks!

What's happening is that the fire service were given a budget for taking part in community events like this, which they're spending as they were told. Furthermore, most of the funding is coming from private organisations. And finally: DO YOU STUPID IDIOTS NOT REALISE HOW MUCH MONEY GAY PRIDE WOULD BRING INTO A SHITTY LITTLE TOWN LIKE LINCOLN? It;s the same fiasco we had last year with the Mayor of Doncaster (who was later shamed with the figures which show how much gay pride benefits the city).

There. I've said it. I apologise if you live in Lincoln. But will get you a one-way ticket out of there.

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