Wednesday, 6 January 2010

No Shit Sherlock

I've been rather open about my relative disappointment with Avatar (one that Polluto Creative Director Michael Dark agrees with), so here are my thoughts on Sherlock Holmes. Now, Sherlock is meant to be the more pulpy, trashy of the two, and because I went into the film with those expectations I actually preferred it to Hollywood's massive, sugary-sweet, patronising epic Avatar.

Sherlock Holmes updates the traditional detective to a spunkier, Bond-inspired hero with a good dose of humour. In fact, it's the humour I enjoyed most about this film: it's warmhearted without being schmaltzy, and thus transcends the vacuous posturing and glittery surface of Avatar. The writing at its core is also infinitely better than Avatar. True, it has its fair share of two-dimensional characters, but Holmes and Watson are riveting, and Rachel McAdams' character adds an interesting female dynamic to the mix (albeit, one we've seen before). Indeed, the three main actors are brilliant, and shimmer in every scene. There's also an attention to detail, no doubt inspired by the recent success of CSI and its offshoots, which adds real flavour to the film.

The dialogue here buzzes. You really feel that Holmes, Watson and Irene care about each other and that their plight is real. They aren't archetypes, even if at times they can be stereotypes. I also have to admit to liking the hceeky Irish jigs in the soundtrack, even if others have disliked them.

The ultimate proof is that I've been to see this twice already, whilst I still haven't got round to seeing Avatar again (and I'll likely just wait for the DVD, if at all).

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