Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mamatas Reviews Avatar

And like me, he wasn't too impressed.

Highlight #1: 'Sully doesn't know a word of the native language, doesn't know anything of the local flora or fauna, and has no experience in his new body (voted Sexiest Space Gay at Furcon 2154's art show!) but he's American! Fuck Yeah!'

Highlight #2: 'Avatar does represent a step forward in science fiction film in that it is only forty years behind science fiction literature rather than the usual fifty years.'

Highlight #3: ' . . . this cartoon cost $350,000,000 to make. ($75,000,000 alone was for Sigourney Weaver's Botox treatments. The woman was born in ninteen forty-nine, people! I believe the rest was spent on sleeveless T-shirts for Michelle Rodriguez. Which is strange, because I'm sure she has plenty at home.)

And his summation of the entire film: 'Dances with Ewoks'. Seriously, I PMSL at this one.

Although it was slightly cruel of him to comment so on Weaver's age. Die Hard 4.0 and Indiana Jones and the Shameless Cash-in both have old codgers as male leads, so I don't think we should complain about female actors getting on a bit and still playing important roles that aren't grandmothers or haggard witches.

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