Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Deb Hoag Review

[Reprinted here with permission]

"We are inside Hell. How can I describe it any other way? I can feel the fires of the glassworks. I can smell the sulphurous breath of our chthonic gods. I live in squalid darkness and breathe filthy air. My name is Rose and I've never seen the sky." --Troglodyte Rose, by Adam Lowe

The slick sexual romp of jaded lovers in a lightless, joyless slave-world creates a heat that can never illuminate the dark, futile lives of those who inhabit the world of Troglodyte Rose. Furiously beautiful art in shades of blood and pain by award-winning artists Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon illustrate searing prose that captures the dark heart of alienation and vision in this futuristic hellride of drug-induced reality and loss.

Uber-rebels Rose and Flid, Rose's gun-wielding graffiti-poet lover, submerse themselves in Haze, the drug of the Gods, but instead of sliding down into the final mind-destroying sense-gasm they've been seeking, they find a new level of perception that may or may not be real.

When the Justicars, those ancient and deadly stormtroopers of the Sleeping Gods, begin to ravage the underworld looking for the thieves who dared to interrupt the flow of Haze, Rose and Flid must decide whether to gamble the existence of humanity on an altered reality that may or may not exist.

Troglodyte Rose is a fantastic read - not only for the glowing word-craft that deftly shapes every line, but for the macabre and fantastic visions author Adam Lowe spins in this tale of post-modern beauty and horror.

I strongly recommend Troglodyte Rose for any reader who seeks to be uplifted, delighted, spellbound and stupified, all while pondering the meaning of love, reality and freedom.

-Deb Hoag, author, Crashin' the Real and Dr. Gonzo.

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